Monday, July 19, 2010

The best salesman

Three boys are standing outside the Total station in Wilberforce. One is selling change to my taxi driver. Another is trying to sell cold  water in printed sachets. A third is pitching bags of popcorn. They’re all around 8-10  years old.

The popcorn seller, a head taller than the others and obviously the boldest of the bunch, entertains his friends with a tongue-in-cheek sales pitch. “I’m the best salesman,” he says in Krio, “buy from me.” The other boys giggle. “If you buy one, I’ll give you one. If you buy 5, I’ll give you 5.” He grins, infinitely pleased with himself.

“If you buy 25, I’ll give you 25. That’s why I’m the best.”

Laughter all around.

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